Trade between Canada and India is dominated by a few commodities

Here is a quick snapshot of trade patterns between Canada and India, that may offer a bit of context given that the Canadian Prime Minister is currently in India.

Trade between the two countries is only a very small fraction of their overall exports: in 2009 total Canadian exports amounted to about $308 billion, but only about $2 billion went to India.

What does Canada export to India?

Legumes, fertilizers, and newsprint account for 48% of the total value of exports to India.

What does India export to Canada?

Mostly textiles and chemicals, but also some precious metals.

Where does Canada export to?

Almost three-quarters of the value of all Canadian exports go to the United States, with India representing 0.67% of the total (the first light green shaded square running down the right hand edge).

Where does India export to?

Canada is the little sliver below the United States, in red representing 1% of total Indian exports. Spain accounts for a greater fraction of Indian exports than Canada.

You can make your own visualizations of trade between any two countries at a cool web site called The Observatory, based at MIT, and from which I have created all of these pictures using data for 2009.

3 thoughts on “Trade between Canada and India is dominated by a few commodities

  1. I had stumbled across this in January – it’s good for quick international overviews (it works far better in Chrome than the current Firefox, alas, at least for me) but there are better sources for more up-to-date trade data, and better heat map apps too.

    The best thing about the Observatory is their free book: [] which is visually stunning and is nice extension of the literature of Jane Jacobs et al. vis the nature of economies (like bio-diversity, eco-diversification works, even if it leaves you envious of high-flyers in the short term).

    Tableau has a heat map tool (free!), and trade data is available through chass to a limited few and via CANSIM (free!) for the rest of us.

  2. How I trade between Canada and India in relation to export business from India to Canada; To whom I should contact and how dealers list I will get to contact for the business??
    Plz Help regarding such!!!!

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