The Great Gatsby: as Hollywood never imagined it

After much anticipation Hollywood finally releases its version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby.

Was Gatsby a crook? Or was he a victim of a crooked game, the American Dream as a broken promise?

In this program originally aired on CBC radio last August, Sarah Churchwell of the University of East Anglia, a professor of American literature and author of Careless People, interprets Fitzgerald as saying the American Dream is a lie.

But listen also for my reading of a few passages to appreciate, tongue-in-cheek, why the underlying economics suggest that The Great Gatsby is indeed a novel for our times.

If you want the movie version, and a detailed discussion of The Great Gatsby Curve, here is a lecture I had the honour to give earlier this year at the University of Lethbridge on the invitation of the Prentice Institute and its Director Susan McDaniel.

I have to admit, however, the Hollywood version looks somewhat more exciting!


4 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby: as Hollywood never imagined it

  1. Thanks, Miles. By the way, your work on The Great Gatsby Curve was mentioned several times last evening in the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s great debate on whether wealth has too much power in Canada. The audience was pretty firmly in agreement with Armine Yalnizyan and unswayed by Bill Watson’s arguments.

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